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By Dr. Christina Crawford on Mar 04, 2020
In a world of go-go-go, telerehabilitation is a way to slow down and connect with a physical therapist from your own home. This one-on-one video appointment allows a physical therapist to connect virtually using technology such as your smart phone or computer. As a functional movement profession, many people are surprised to hear physical therapy can be done through video. Truth is, this has been done for years.
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By Valentin O. Rivish, DNP, RN, NE-BC on Feb 05, 2020
Home telehealth programs can help patients manage chronic disease, while receiving education and daily guidance from a nurse care coordinator or other health professional. For some reason, however, many patients in home telehealth programs do not adhere to daily check-ins. I am the telehealth specialist and facility e-consult coordinator with the Phoenix Veterans Administration Health Care System. As part of my studies toward a doctoral degree in nursing, I have found a potential solution.
By Kristine Erps, Elizabeth Krupinski Ph.D, & Michael Holcomb BS on Jan 15, 2020
The Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP) is excited to announce the launch of its new Southwest Telehealth Resource Center (SWTRC) website! We’ve been working hard to update it over the last couple of months. The new website offers updated content, loads quickly, has improved navigation, and features a mobile-device-friendly responsive design.
By Elizabeth A. Krupinski on Jan 01, 2020
2020 – the first year of the 2020s decade - wow! It’s got a lot going for it overall in terms of potential and good things to come – especially getting an extra day since MMXX is also a Leap Year. What does 2020 hold for telehealth? Hopefully lots of change (positive only) and progress for those already involved and those looking to get involved in this ever-evolving and growing platform for expanding and improving the delivery of healthcare services to everyone, everywhere, every time it’s needed. The Southwest Telehealth Resource Center cherishes and is looking forward to continuing our many partnerships from the 2010s decade and aims to develop even more throughout the Southwest region through our training, technical assistance and outreach offerings. We’ve collected some additional thoughts from our partners about what 2020 will bring to their telehealth adventures and would like to share them here.
Photo courtesy of Nathan Bradshaw
By Nathan Bradshaw on Dec 04, 2019
Gone are the days when telehealth services were associated with clinical settings only. In the new era of health technology, sick kids can now take virtual trips to the doctor while they are at school!Even as recently as a decade ago, school nurses would offer Band-Aids, administer aspirin, and babysit sick children until their parents picked them up for a doctor’s visit. Now, as telemedicine makes its way into various institutions and even households, more and more locations are turning into health centers. School-based telehealth is a major milestone in particular because it streamlines two spheres at once: it enables better access to healthcare, and helps dodge the considerable dent that poor health puts into a child’s educational experience.