Telemedicine Information

Help Desk
The Help Desk has mechanisms in place for both urgent and non-urgent support requests and covers a variety of application areas such as general, technical, network, computer, teleradiology, teletrauma, and videoconferencing. It can be accessed at

On-Site Visits
One of our main activities for peer-to-peer support is teaching individual healthcare practitioners about electronic health records — their utility, how to integrate them into a practice, how to get federal support for their adoption, and how to use them in the clinical arena.

E-Mails & Phone Calls
All members of the SWTRC can receive and respond to e-mails and phone calls about issues within their particular areas of expertise.

Site/Person Specific Services
We offer individually tailored:

  • Strategic development plans
  • Evaluation plan assistance
  • Business and management policy plans
  • Technical assessment and deployment assistance
  • Clinical development strategies
  • Advice on electronic health record adoption

Referrals to Other TRCs or Organizations
There are a number of Telehealth Resource Centers in the United States, each serving a distinct geographic region. Details and contact information can be found at The SWTRC is also quite familiar with what funding agencies have to offer, how to prepare and submit grants, and how to manage them after they are awarded. We can advise in all these areas to interested clients on a one-to-one basis.

Information Library of Resources
The SWTRC has a strong connection with AZHIN — the Arizona Health Information Network, which provides an infrastructure for knowledge-based information to support healthcare practice and training in Arizona and to introduce, encourage and support widespread use of electronic information management tools by Arizonas healthcare practitioners.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine also has resources available on a variety of healthcare related topics including a regular series of webinars (archived topics are available for viewing as well).

Education Opportunities
Download & view Medicine Grand Rounds lectures presented by the Arizona Health Sciences Center from iTunes.

AZ Office of Oral Health Department of Health Services Teledentistry Video.

What is telemedicine all about video.