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Tweeter, Twitter, Blog, Bling, LinkedIn, Linkin Park, Facebook, Facetime. Are you part of the social media generation? Do you know the difference between a tweet and a twerk or are you still trying to figure out how chillax made it into Meriam and Webster? Social media options abound but offer to some a rather confusing array of choices. Which one do I join to find my telemedicine colleagues? Where can I get in on the best "conversations" (yes in quotes!) about what’s hot in mHealth? How on earth do social media intersect with telemedicine and is it really something that could benefit me and my program?


If you are interested in finding out the answers to some of these questions (sorry but not the chillax one) from an expert in the field, I recommend tuning into the next Southwest Telehealth Resource Center webinar. Yvonne Price will talk on "The Impact of Social Media in Healthcare" on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 12:00pm Arizona Time (MST). Yvonne works with and manages digital communications, social media, web communities and organization websites, including those for the Arizona Telemedicine Program and the SWTRC. She has a Masters degree in Science and Health Communication, and specializes in helping health and science organizations build their online brand and audience engagement. She has past experience in television, audio/video production, photography, graphic design, website design, digital marketing and blogging. She also does instructional design and teaches, combining instructional technologies and communication theories to produce effective teaching and learning materials. She specializes in creating online learning in the areas of science and health, striving to create interactive learning that engages the learner and achieves a balance between knowledge-based content and practice-based content.

To register go to A list of all our previous webinars is there along with links to view them. Join us for this exciting and informative webinar – be social!!!


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Yvonne Price


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Elizabeth Krupinski, Ph.D. is a Professor at Emory University in the Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences and is Vice-chair of Research. She is Associate Director of Evaluation for the Arizona Telemedicine Program and Director of the SWTRC. She has published extensively in these areas, and has presented at conferences nationally and internationally. She is Past Chair of the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, Past President of the American Telemedicine Association, President of the Medical Image Perception Society, and Past Chair of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine. She serves on a number of editorial boards for both radiology and telemedicine journals and is the Co-Editor of the Journal of Telemedicine & Telecare.