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CTN’s mission is to maximize access to health care services, especially in underserved regions of the state, through information and communications technology.  CTN is the state consortium leader in administering federal dollars to aid eligible health care entities, especially in underserved regions of the state, gain access to broadband connectivity to provide health care services in their communities. CTN leverages an annual $581 million federal fund to administer these subsidies.  The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing summarizes their research from June 2020 through December 2020 in the March 2021 report:
   Health First Colorado Telemedicine Evaluation

SWTRC and Telehealth in Colorado Office of eHealth Innovation Nov 2021 IT Roadmap

State broadband website: 
  Colorado Broadband Office
State broadband contacts:
Tony Neal-Graves
  Executive Director
  Colorado Broadband Office
  (303) 764-7830
Teresa Ferguson
  Director, Federal Broadband Engagement
  Colorado Broadband Office
  (303) 764-7954

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
County: Denver
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO  80246
Karin McGowan, Interim Executive Director

Colorado Public Health Association
County:  Arapahoe
2851 S Parker Road, Suite 1210
Aurora, CO  80014
Jason Vitello, Health Equity Director
X: @COPublicHealth

Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC)
(State Rural Health Association)
County: Arapahoe
6551 S Revere Parkway, Suite 155
Centennial, Colorado 80111
303-832-7493 or 800-851-6782
Jenn Dunn, Director of Programs
X: @coruralhealth

Colorado Medical Society (CMS)
(State Medical Association)
County: Denver
7351 E. Lowry Boulevard, Suite 110
Denver, CO 80230-6083
720-859-1001 or 800-654-5653
Alfred Gilchrist, Chief Executive Officer
X: @CoMedSoc

Colorado Nurse Associations (CNA)
(State Nursing Association)
County: Arapahoe
2851 S. Parker Road, Suite 1210
Aurora, CO 80014
X: @ColoradoNurses

Colorado Hospital Association (CHA)
(Other State Healthcare Association)
County: Arapahoe
7335 East Orchard Road
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111-2512
X: @COHospitalAssn

Colorado Health Care Association (CHCA)
(Other State Healthcare Association)
County: Denver
225 E. 16th Avenue, Suite 1100
Denver, CO  80203
Doug Farmer, President & CEO


Rural Health Information Hub (RHI)
(State Centers for Rural Health)